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Welcome to Jai Bharat

"Jai Bharat" is a brand name with the tagline Shrestha Aap.. Sarwashrestha Bharat.. The brand comes under Dhanpati Multi Wings India Pvt Ltd.

"Jai Bharat" Shrestha Aap.. Sarwashrestha Bharat.. is started by 5 people together. These five have mastered in different areas, such as some in the field of business, some in the field of marketing, some in the field of production, some in the field of IT and some in the field of management for 10 to 15 years have experience. And the biggest thing is that these five people also have a long experience in network marketing.

There are many network marketing companies working in India today. There is no such company where you can give permanent income when your network is zero or purchases are zero.


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