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About Jai Bharat

"Jai Bharat" is a brand name with the tagline Shrestha Aap.. Sarwashrestha Bharat.. The brand comes under Dhanpati Multi Wings India Pvt Ltd.

"Jai Bharat" Shrestha Aap.. Sarwashrestha Bharat.. is started by 5 people together. These five have mastered in different areas, such as some in the field of business, some in the field of marketing, some in the field of production, some in the field of IT and some in the field of management for 10 to 15 years have experience. And the biggest thing is that these five people also have a long experience in network marketing.

There are many network marketing companies working in India today. There is no such company where you can give permanent income when your network is zero or purchases are zero.

In such a situation, such a network marketing company has come, which in the history of network marketing, Jai Bharat is the only company that after going to a label, even if there is not a single joining or purchase of a single rupee in your team, you will get one every month. Fixed income and after you give to your child and his child as well as PF and ESI like government job.

"Jai Bharat" Shrestha Aap.. Sarwashrestha Bharat.. is also bringing all the products one by one in the coming time which is used daily in your daily life as well as a warehouse or manufacturing of two or four products when your team members reach level 1 It is also giving ownership rights of the unit as well as giving partnership in the company.

Jai Bharat's training program for your team, Indian culture training, leadership development training, skill development and personality training program will be done in a very tremendous way which will develop you and your family, society and nation.

Jai Bharat is 100% capable of fulfilling all your dreams. Your success is our duty.

"Jai Bharat" Shrestha Aap.. Sarwashrestha Bharat..

Our Vision

“Jai Bharat” Shrestha Aap.. Sarwashrestha Bharat.. The aim is to financially strengthen all the families of India and to keep all the people healthy and healthy.

At the same time, connecting people's ideas, ending discrimination, strengthening Indian culture, making it self-reliant, bringing unity and integrity.

Jai Bharat's sole aim is to make the country the best. The country will become the best only when you become the best and you will become the best only when you rise above the economic condition and you will be able to give good education to your children. Only then our country will become the best.

Our Mission

Mission of "Jai Bharat" Shrestha Aap.. Sarwashrestha Bharat.. To bring economic independence, village-village, town-town, setting up small and big industries, skill development of people, production and cultivation of new things and good health, To promote good education, cleanliness and good living.

To promote the campaign of "Self-reliant India", to raise people above financial constraints, to develop women, to improve the education of children, to promote the campaign of clean India and healthy body. There is only one way to a healthy body and that is Ayurveda. 'Ayurveda' means 'knowledge related to life'. Ayurveda is Indian medical science. Medical science is that branch of science which is concerned with keeping the human body healthy, getting rid of disease or mitigating it when disease occurs and increasing its life.